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The most expensive vodka in the world...







Billionaire Vodka Bottle and Case2
Billionaire Vodka Bottle and Case3
Diamonds Fine

      elcome to the world's most expensive vodka.  BILLIONAIRE VODKA is the most exclusive vodka in the world and the choice of the most financially successful individuals on the planet.  If enjoying only the very best vodka is your quest, only drink Billionaire Vodka. Our vodka also comes with the benefit of our 24 hour Billionaires Card concierge service with your purchase, truly giving you access to the very best that the world has to offer.


In a world where every choice is a statement of who we are, Billionaire embodies everything the vodka experience has come to represent, and does so with smooth, vivacious opulence.  There’s a dimension to Billionaire Vodka that identifies it as the vodka of choice – not only by those with a palate educated in the enjoyment of refined flavors, but also to elite individuals new to this most enjoyable of epicurean delights. With its irresistable presence, Billionaire Vodka embodies elegance and desirability which is why it is the most exclusive vodka in the world.


What makes it ridiculously superior is the content of the bottle, Billionaire Vodka is triple distilled and is made from natural spring water obtained from the spring supplying Caverswall Castle of England. These historically significant waters are renowned for their incredible healing properties and exquisite connoisseurial qualities making this one of the most rare and desirable natural spring waters on earth. The vodka is first ice-filtered, then filtered through Nordic birch charcoal and lastly passed through sand made from crushed diamonds and gems before being contained within the finest receptacle available on earth.


The world's rarest vodka comes in a Platinum and Rhodium encased diamond encrusted crystal bottle with solid gold labels and neckband encrusted with channel set diamonds and Billionaire embellishment and crowned with a numbered diamond speckled hand mounted platinum flocked foil seal.  The world Standard for Perfection - every bottle of Billionaire Vodka is a numbered hand-crafted work of art. An extremely rare collector's item that will continue to increase in value with time.


Billionaire Vodka - Profound and perfect.  Billionaire Vodka offers unrivalled luxury and unsurpassable quality for the passion and pursuit of perfection only associated with the world's most expensive vodka.  Superior taste and elite quality personally hand delivered by white gloved armed secure courier worldwide at the location of your behest.

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